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Broken Social Scene / “All to All” / The Science of Slap

Strike Anywhere made a minor music video splash this week when Broken Social Scene put our video experiment / music video up on their website and YouTube channelPrefixmag and Pitchfork picked up on the official endorsement and we were honored to have our video deemed newsworthy by those sites.

What started as a fun day playing with a Redlake (with one day left on its rental after a commercial shoot) has become something a little more thanks to the vision of Justin Barber and Ryan Simon and some pretty amazing practical effects by yours truly (ha not really, but check out the end of the video).  Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!


A Very Hipsta-Shift Venice Sunday (holiday edition)

First, please enjoy some “location remixed” audio for this visual experience of iphone app-lication:


The Venice border guardian (Clow-llerina) awaits:

But first a Word from the Jesus-freaks:

Chariot parade turns the corner:

Is Clow-llerina pleased? perturbed? indifferent and ready to come down and squash?

Swim upstream my good man:

Both delusional, but the Charioteers seem to be having more fun:

Tree man + Krishna – or just Sunday: